A Round Area Rug Is A Cool And Perfect Way To Round Out Your Home Decor

Uncategorized / Sunday, February 11th, 2018

Are you thinking of giving your home interior décor a unique look? Look no further than a circular area rug. A round rug can add color, style, depth, and warmth to any working or living space. Moreover, round-shaped area rugs can be an attractive focal point in a particular room. 

When the spaces are packed with furniture that tends to be angular or square, the graceful curve of a circular rug will be attractive to the eye. It is because the curved shape of round area rug makes a nice change from the inflexible lines of furniture. That is why round area rugs make an exceptional focal point in your room. They not only look attractive but also enhance the beauty of the rest of your room.

Oval Rug

Oval rugs look particularly striking when its colors match the color scheme of a room. If you want to highlight a particular part of a space or brighten up an area of your home with a vivid splash of color in an unusual shape, a colorful area rug is an answer. In fact, the right oval rug can totally renovate a space and be the link that binds all the facets of the room’s color scheme and furnishings together to make a harmonious whole.

Circular Rugs 

Circular rugs are perfect on concrete, tile and wooden floors. Round area rugs will even look good against the dullest background, provided you place them correctly. Also, the magnetism of certain types of flooring is amazingly improved by a pretty round rug. You can also use oval rugs in wall-to-wall carpeted areas by just placing them over the carpet. You can do this to mark a seating area, to care for the part of your wall-to-wall carpeting in high traffic areas, or to highlight a meticulous part of the room.

You can use this shape of the rug in different types of living spaces. Round rugs are attractive in your hallway, family room, kitchen, bedroom, living room or even outside on a deck or veranda. One significant benefit of using circular rugs as an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting is that circular rugs are much easier to change. Therefore, you can transform the whole look of a room without much effort by changing your rug to one with different colors or patterns. Moreover, these rugs are more colorful, much brighter and intricately patterned than a good number of wall-to-wall carpets.

Rug Pad

Remember that it is essential to use a rug pad when you are placing an area rug. You must use a good pad under your rug to extend its life and prevent it from sliding around on the floor. A fascinating use of an oval rug is wall décor. It can look enormously spectacular on a stark wall, which shows off its shape and design and brings out the colors of the rug to good advantage.

Wrap Up

If you want to round out your home décor, a quality round area rug is the solution. Circular rugs are available in the original circle but differ from the traditional rectangular shape. As more people want to see how these forms can beautify their existing décor, crescent-shaped, medallions and other unconventional shapes are flooding the rug market. Round area rugs are ideal for kids’ rooms, odd places or if you just want something new and distinctive in your home. You can never be disappointed with circularly shaped rugs!

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